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Algorithm suggestion

Posted: 24 Apr 2021, 09:28
[Question] Does iSTART support following algorithms?
Scan -> ?
March d2PF -> ?
March s2PF -> ?

1) Scan is used for detecting SAF (Stuck-At Fault), in general, more complex testing algorithms can cover this defect. For example, March C-, dualMarch 19N …etc, these algorithms can detect all defects which Scan can detect.
2) March d2PF & March s2PF these 2 algorithms can perform simultaneous reading or simultaneous reading and writing tests for different ports of memory. If memory can support the read/write behavior, user can use these algorithms to test memory.
3) iSTART March A2PF-M algorithm can cover March s2PF- March d2PF-. But using March A2PF-M testing algorithm. If memory addresses are different, they cannot share same sequencer.