How to reorganize memory grouping?

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How to reorganize memory grouping?

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According to design requirements, for example, testing power supply, memory location …etc., customers need particular memory grouping to meet their design requirements. In START tool, designers can arrange memory grouping through reorganizing meminfo file.

The following shows the meminfo data format:

[DOMAIN= CTRL_name , cycle = ns]
    Memory list….

DOMAIN - Specifies controller name.
cycle   - Specifies clock cycle for this controller.
[CTR]  - Controller. One domain only allows one [CTR]
[SEQ]   - Sequencer. It allows many sequencers under a [CTR]
[GROUP] - It allows many groups under a [SEQ]

Designers should notice,
1. Repair memory and no repair memory can not share the same controller.
2. One controller only supports the unique clock domain. If memories use different clock frequency domains, they should dispatch to different controllers.
3. Memories under a sequencer should be the same memory type. Memories in different memory types, for example one-port and two-port memories, cannot share in the same sequencer.

The following is an example of meminfo file.


Designers can reorganize the meminfo through copy and paste to adjust,
1. Adding new controller
2. Adding new sequencer
3. Adding new group
4. Rearrange memory location

The following example shows the reorganized meminfo file,

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