START License Update

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START License Update

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If license of iSTART tool expired, customer should apply a new license from iSTART and update the license. Following shows license update procedure.

Step 1: Using following command to extract license package under Linux environment and replace existed license package. Where LM-CentOS-6.5-x86_64-xxxxx.bz2 indicates new license file package name
$ tar jxf [LM-CentOS-6.5-x86_64-xxxxx.bz2]

Step 2: Using following command to kill existed license thread. Where “lmlnvoke_PID” indicates existed license thread.
$ top -u user_name
$ kill -9 [lmInvoke_PID]

Step 3: Using following command to invoke new license. Where iSTART_lic_2020xxxxx.dat indicated new license file
$ ./lmInvoke -f iSTART_lic_2020xxxxx.dat

Step 4: Using following command to confirm if license launched successfully. Where your_IP indicates user’s license server IP address. You also can use hostname.
$ ./lmQry 4141 @your_IP

And then it will show prompt like following picture on terminal

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